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Leader Development - looking to the long-term

It's great when you get to work with a client who really understands that investment in developing people is a long-term, incremental process, and not some artificial quick fix. Who understands that you need to keep testing, refining, redeveloping your programmes to adapt to changing circumstances, and to build on what you've already learnt. And who understands that change has to run throughout the culture of an organisation.

R&R Icecream, the UK's biggest icecream manufacturer, is one of these great clients. We deliver a rolling programme of leadership development that cycles around the following process:

leader development

We've had some awesome feedback over the years about this programme, much of it appearing naturally from the online systems greated to allow peer groups to keep in touch and to continue learning from each other. For example, a few verbatims from the 2010 course:

Get in touch via our contact page, or go back to the case studies page to read more great examples of training that really works.

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