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Case Study

Business to business presentations

Whether it's internally to different parts of an organisation, externally in a sales meeting, most people will have to make a presentation at some point in their careers. This training course focused on small-group presentations (one-to-one or one-to-two/three), not the big set-piece type of presentation.

In addition to introducing some smart communication theory, we spent a great deal of time practicing, practicing and practicing again. But, as always, we did different things to ensure that it really sunk in. We based ourselves at the beautiful Thorp Perrow Arboretum in North Yorkshire (see here) so we could walk around, talk, and really let our presentations get under our skin and into our hearts.

Effective business to business presentations are supported by data, research and information. But, ultimately, they are about affecting someone else's behaviour - so that's what we worked on.

thorp perrow business presentations course

Further Information

Designing and delivering a course like this has challenges that fall into two categories - how the training works on the day, and how to make the effects sustainable back in the workplace. Here's what we did to address both of those:

Get in touch via our contact page, or go back to the case studies page to read more great examples of training that really works.

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