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New Year, New Challenges

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I can't quite believe, sitting back at my desk after a few days away, that I've only just noticed that my last blog was in early September last year! Perhaps it's time for a New Year Resolution or two...

I'll make a confession first though. My approach to New Year Resolutions has been very traditional in the past. They have fallen into two categories:

The purely negative
The implicitly negative

However I've "spun" a negative resolution to sound positive, I've always been self-aware enough to know that I'm just conning myself really. "Lose weight" and "eat more healthily" are pretty much interchangeable as far as I am concerned, and, whilst I quite like healthy food, I also have a bit of a penchant for all the stuff that tends to make me swell - and I have was is (rather strangely?) referred to as a "healthy" appetite!

A better way?

Over the Christmas break, I read an article in the Sunday Times Style section (by Alice du Parcq) that, for me, was a refreshingly new way of looking at New Year Resolutions. Last year, she decided to focus on starting something new rather than giving something up - and not in the rather trite "rephrasing" way that I'd been doing. No doubt amongst other things, she has learnt to ride a motorbike, to run, and to bake macaroons.

What I like about this approach is the sense of excitement it generates. Rather than a focus on stopping something, or even starting something that you "ought" to do, it simply says start doing new things that you want to do.

My next article is going to start looking at my resolutions - which will be a lot easier this year because they are, very specifically, things that I want to do!

Here's to a brilliant 2011

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gravatar Peter Watts – London
January 25, 2013 - 17:59
Subject: New year resolutions

I'm joining you in this mission Simon. Definitely a positive way to bring some extra positives into life. Now the big question.... what to chose?

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